With Childcare, Olinda Primary School, and Mt Dandenong Kindergarten all using facilities in the same location the parking is always at a premium during drop off/pick up times. Some points to remember to make it run smoother during those busy periods:

  • Parsons Lane is one way at the top of the lane – you cannot enter Charlemont Lane from Parsons Lane to access HCCC. This was put in place by Vic Roads many years ago to prevent any serious accidents or children being hit as they exit/enter vehicles. Please abide by the one way direction and remind others who don’t – it would be sad to have a child hit by a car.
  • If the allocated parking is full outside the front of HCCC remember that there is additional parking at the back of Olinda shops. There is a nice side path that leads up to HCCC and Olinda Primary School which is safe and a neat place for the kids to walk and explore.
  • There are current discussions underway for options to enlarge the staff parking area at the top driveway so all staff associated with HCCC, Olinda Primary School and the Kindergarten park in that area, which will free up parking for parents on Charlemont Lane outside HCCC.
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