• Parking Update
    With Childcare, Olinda Primary School, and Mt Dandenong Kindergarten all using facilities in the same location the parking is always at a premium during drop off/pick up times. Some points to remember to make it run smoother during those busy periods: Parsons Lane is one way at the top of […]
  • New ninja line
    We hope you have seen the brand new ninja line that has been installed in the kinder grounds. This will provide the children with fabulous opportunities to develop and build on their gross motor upper body strength, core strength as well as perfect their ninja skills! The next project we […]
  • Chestnut Festival
    During the year we fundraise for all the extras our pre-school needs, the biggest event is our annual Chestnut Festival. Held on the first Sunday of every May at the Kalorama Reserve on the Tourist Road. The festival began as a stall selling roasted chestnuts outside the pre-school and has […]