During the year we fundraise for all the extras our pre-school needs, the biggest event is our annual Chestnut Festival.

Held on the first Sunday of every May at the Kalorama Reserve on the Tourist Road. The festival began as a stall selling roasted chestnuts outside the pre-school and has now become a major festival in the hills with entertainment for the kids, market stalls, delicious devonshire teas and, of course, hot roasted chestnuts. Part of the fun is in the preparations and the kids can have a great laugh helping to pick chestnuts as well as having a great day at the festival with showbags and jumping castles and loads more activities.

During the past years funds we raised went towards creating a beautiful eco-playground, complete with veggie garden, natural rocks and native plants and bush kitchen. We are now working towards update the interior of the kinder and the indoor resources.

Find out more on the Chestnut Festival’s website.

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