Within our preschool, we believe in respectful, consistent, intentional and supportive teaching. We recognise children as creative, inquisitive and capable; as active participants in their journey of life-long learning, uniquely individual in their needs, interests, strengths and culture. We welcome and value all families; their individual and collective knowledge and experiences, and work together in collaboration to provide a nurturing, secure, responsive, aesthetic and stimulating environment, one that promotes belonging, curiosity, exploration, discovery, problem solving and reflection.

We aim for children to develop a sense of belonging to and an understanding of the world they live in. We do this by actively promoting connections to and within our wider community; through the development of broadly based knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as confident, self-motivated, informed, creative and compassionate learners; and through the prioritisation of children’s rights at the centre of the learning process.

We acknowledge our responsibility towards our unique flora and fauna. We respect and value the wisdom of the Wurrundjeri tribe as first inhabitants of the land where our preschool stands. We aim to develop learning experiences that reflect positive attitudes and perceptions about all people and the environments of the world we live in; and to instil in children personal qualities such as empathy, integrity respect and the value of positive and respectful communication.

We aim to support children in developing positive communication strategies and emotional intelligence. These skills underpin positive peer and educator connections, collaborative problem solving and contribute to a sense of belonging and positive self-identity; supporting our commitment to contribute to a peaceful world.

We support a commitment to learning for sustainable development; learning in, about and for the environment with the aim of connecting children to the natural world and to their responsibility for maintaining the health and beauty of their kindergarten, local community and in turn, their planet.

We value our learning spaces for their capacity to promote autonomy, decision making, collaboration, deep engagement and to develop respectful relationships between individuals, materials and the environment. Resources are carefully chosen for their capacity to invite open ended play, sensory perception, creativity and imagination.

Our philosophy encompasses a commitment to creative and expressive learning through the arts. The arts offering symbolic languages that provide opportunity to experience learning from multiple perspectives; reflecting one of our underpinning beliefs – that children are intrinsically motivated to explore and discover the world.

Our philosophy recognises that children mature at different rates and have preferred styles of learning, and emphasises the importance of an emotionally secure foundation, to help children develop confidence to play, explore, inquire, create and express their ideas, skills, thoughts and knowledge.

We value and respect our educators.